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"This is to notify to all prior enrollee of edPal Courses that we will no longer process Chapman credits beyond October 31, 2010. If you need to have an official Graduate Level Elective Credits for the course(s) you have taken, please make sure you purchase it prior to that date; the deadline will not be extended!"

"California school districts are constantly obliged to implement under-funded mandates. The challenge is to find a way to do that without cutting programs that benefit students. The Online Education Center meets that challenge when it comes to providing quality professional development to teachers."
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edPal is a social benefit organization that helps K-12 school districts by providing online courses that leverage the intellectual and social assets of its teachers, administrators and educational affiliates.

Our top quality online courses, are project-based, designed to meet the highest academic standards and will provide teachers with valuable expertise to readily incorporate into their classroom instruction.

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